Ecofriendly Motoring Forum, organized with the support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Friday 17 February 2017

High-level conferences will be held as part of the “Ecofriendly Motoring Forum” organized with the support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation at the Grimaldi Forum on 17 February 2017

The Forum will focus on all aspects of motoring today and tomorrow, with two plenary sessions and three workshops.

They will include debates between car manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, heads of charities and professional federations, directors of innovative companies, investors, infrastructure managers, safety specialists, experts, government representatives and more.

Projected program :

  • Introduction by HE Bernard Fautrier, Plenipotentiary Minister, Trustee of the Prince Albert II Foundation
  • Session 1 : Challenges and levers for ecofriendly and connected motoring in cities
    • Vehicles, climate and energy transition
    • Vehicles, new behaviours and new uses
    • Connected vehicles, driverless vehicles and public policy
    • Vehicles of the future (open data, etc.)
  • Session 2: Financial challenges and investment opportunities for accelerating thedevelopment of green cars :
    • Energy transition and financing the cars of the future
    • Cooperation and developing the next generation of cars around the world
    • Financial innovation, new technologies and low-emission vehicles
  • Three workshops :
    • “Innovative cars and clean travel in cities”: technological innovation, new behaviours, new energies, new services, multimodal transport…
    • “Motoring, sport and leisure: the new champions”
    • “Finance and invest to accelerate motor-industry transformations”